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"At Friedmanomics we aim to act as the frontier for the next generation of liberalism, combat the tyranny of centralised planning, and to promote the intellectual basis for individual freedom.

Milton Friedman symbolises our vision. During his lifetime, he revolutionised the meaning of liberty, and gave hope to millions of people worldwide. Through our writing, we wish to continue his legacy and the principles he stood for, as well as providing our own insight into the plethora of issues facing society.

Our website wishes to give passionate and ambitious students an open platform to freely express their ideas, thoughts and opinions. We hope to enhance modern dialogue through presenting ideas that may be contrary to popular belief, and to fight above all else for a fairer, freer world."

Charles Bromley-Davenport, Charles E. Cheadle - Co-Founders


A society that puts equality before freedom will achieve neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both

/ Milton Friedman