The chief question Economics attempts to answer is how to optimise the allocation of scarce resources in a world of unlimited wants and desires. 

Our writers are fighting for the simple principle that individuals are best at making these decisions themselves - a fundamental battle in the pursuit of liberty. 



A society that follows the principle of the separation of powers, upholds the rule of law, and has faith in the legal system is usually synonymous with a society of economic growth. A free market is contingent on these factors. Thus, to ensure a high quality of socio-economic living, is completely dependent on the delicate maintenance of the legal system.


Our writers are trying to advocate and protect the principles that underlie our legal system. 


Politics is principally concerned with the relationship between the governing and governed. Through this, the subject is an essential part of the campaign for individual liberty.

Our writers collectively believe that the governing must  respect the rights of the governed and broadly assume a minimal role in their lives.



History is the investigation of events that pre-date our own. The rich knowledge it contains is unparalleled by the most scientific of models we could create today, and so understanding this information is the greatest tool any academic has at their disposal.

Our writers wish to ensure this knowledge is never lost and that the most important lessons are never forgotten.



Science & Philosophy are concerned with questions regarding the autonomy of individuals, the power of the state, and the direction in which future decision making power is held.

Our writers believe that the greatest decisions should be made by those who are directly affected the most - a common theme throughout our writing.