Charles E. Cheadle

Studies: History, Biology and Geography A level.


About Me:  I am an ambitious student, having a particular interest in the Law and social sciences. In my spare time I enjoy debating/performing, a good book and watching Liverpool FC.


Aims: I want to use this site as a medium to educate myself, broaden my views and develop my writing skills to effectively articulate my viewpoints, in a clear and coherent manner. I hope that Friedmanomics will be a rewarding experience in which I will face a myriad of opinions, suggestions and ideas, that I can either assimilate, reject or develop to become a nuanced individual. In no way do I intend for my work to be perfect, but after all, as Vince Lombardi eloquently suggests, “perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence”.


Areas of Interest: Law, History, Philosophy and Politics.


Role: Co-Founder, Writer  


Published Articles