Isabella Briant

Studies: IB (42 points); BESS at Trinity College Dublin in September 2021


About Me: I have always been academically inquisitive with a love of broad study which I have explored through my subject choices and continuing to tutor subjects to younger students. Beyond academics I will invariably be found on the lacrosse field, in the gym or rereading Harry Potter or one of its spin offs. I thrive on interaction and collaboration, with a passion for community I have been able to work with my peers to make the places I have been more approachable and welcoming.


Aims: I feel that I have reached a point in my life where my views are more well developed and researched allowing me to feel confident in sharing them more widely. I have always been a writer in some form or another, with English literature being my favourite subject all the way through school (alongside chemistry). I think it will be interesting to combine my two distinct interests of business and to some extent journalism.


Areas of Interest: Social Sciences


Role: History, Politics & Economics Writer


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